Dickey Bee Honey Inc. is very excited about our new teaching facility! We book tours for schools, groups and clubs.


  • When designing and building our new honeyhouse & teaching facility, we took great care in thinking about how we could build a green sustainable facility and the benefits that we can pass along to our staff, consumer, schools, etc.
  • We installed a geo-thermal system, lux lighting, and a dedicated plumbing manifold system that is water wise and pressure efficient for the entire building.
  • Inside our building we have a Museum, which showcases the tools and equipment that have been  used and passed on thru the previous three generations before becoming available to us.
  • As well we can fill your own container with honey, therefore reducing waste to the landfill sites.
  • We have a Packaging room where you can watch us make creamed honey or prepare honey butter or just pouring and filling jars from our barrels of extracted honey.
  • We have a 400 ft extracting room which  you can come and watch us extract our honey thru the viewing window that we have installed for your convenience. This is pretty amazing to watch.
  • We have a Hot Room, Cold Storage and Dry Storage rooms all of which have its own purpose or need for all of our honey & health products.
  • The most exciting part of our new honey house is the Classroom we have set up so that we can facilitate schools, groups, clubs and organizations, and educate everyone on the importance of the honey bee, pollination, and our food chain.
  • We can take your group on a complete tour of the honey house and end up back in the classroom for a  teaching/learning workshop, with time to ask and answer any questions you may have.

I can assure you that when you have taken the tour and have allowed us to teach you along the way that you will leave with a renewed sense of the valuable importance of the honey bee and what we can all do as a community to protect and nurture these amazing pollinators. 

For more information or to book your tour please contact Sandi at 705.458.1258 or email