Dickey Bee Honey Inc. is a 4th Generation Beekeeping Business. The love of the honey bees started in the early 1930's by George Dickey from Delhi, Ontario and has span 70 years and three generations. Peter Dickey stepped in to take over the business in the early 2000's and relocated the business to Innisfil, Ontario. The Dickey Bee Honey Inc. name has now become a trademark.

Today with the business continuing to grow, we have recently built a brand new honey house and teaching facility. This new facility allows us to produce, package and distribute our products to all of our distributors.

We offer workshops, school tours, beekeeping classes. The honey house is registered and inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Dickey Bee Honey business name is certified and now a Trademark. We have won several prestigious awards, and we are always working on new product development.


Dickey Bee Honey Inc. is dedicated to producing pure natural honey and health products - and will continue to educate the consumer on the importance of the honeybee.


In the summer of 2012, the Dickeys began building a new, 4000 square foot honey house facility on the 3rd Line of Innisfil, consolidating their storage, production and retail operations from three facilities to one.

What they did to Go Green:
The very nature of Dickey Bee Honey Inc. business is green. As Sandi said, “There is no waste: we use the honey, the royal jelly, the propolis, the bee pollen, the wax…everything. Nothing is wasted.”

It is therefore not surprising that, when the Dickeys decided to build their new facility, they wanted to make sure it was as green as possible.

One of the major considerations in the design was incorporating a geothermal system for the building as well as their house, which is on the same two-acre property.

The geothermal system consists of four 600-foot loops of water lines at a depth of 5 ½ feet. Considering the amount they expect to save on their monthly heating and air conditioning, the Dickeys are predicting they will recoup their initial investment in five to six years.

To compliment their geothermal system, the Dickeys also invested in additional insulation. Using the blow-in-blanket (BIB) method, the walls are infused with an extra 8 inches of insulation. They also opted for R50 insulation in the ceiling.

The Dickeys also decided to invest in a lux lighting system. Sandi remarked that the system not only costs “pennies…literally pennies to operate,” but it provides a light that is more natural and easier on the eyes than other systems they considered.

Benefits of Going Green:
In addition to the financial savings they are realizing through the geothermal system, the insulation and lighting, the Dickeys will be able to save money and time in fuel costs by having their operations under one (well insulated) roof.

Another benefit for the environment and their customers is the ability to reuse containers, thereby reducing the amount of glass and plastics going to the landfill sites.

They are also excited that the new facility will allow them to host workshops and classes to educate elementary and high school students as well as the general public about the importance of the honeybee in preserving the environment.

Peter and Sandi are committed to leading this work in the region. “We need to work very diligently to protect our bees’ existence, crops and the environment.”

“Every third teaspoon of food you eat is pollinated by the honeybee,” Sandi reported. From an economic standpoint, that means honeybees are responsible for “the health of $170 million worth of crops in Ontario each year.”

Unfortunately, in the last four years, there has been an average international loss of 30% of honeybees. Faced with these high rates, the Dickeys now produce their own queens, which will help them to increase their colonies each year.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is dedicated to safeguarding food, animals and plants, which enhances the health and well-being of Canada's people, environment and economy. Read more about the CFIA and what they do HERE. Every year Dickey Bee Honey Inc. is proud to have this certification. VIEW HERE


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